Talent development

Talent development

Talent concept

Employment philosophy: Changjiang pharmaceutical attaches great importance to the personality and ability of the candidates, requiring them to have professional dedication and innovation ability, strong sense of dedication and responsibility, adapt to fast-paced and high-intensity work, have modern management awareness and good management ability, and advocate team spirit. The company will use the modern enterprise management concept and advanced enterprise management mechanism, in line with the spirit of "devote oneself to the Yangtze River cause, realize the ideal in mind! "We seek the common development of the company and its employees, and the company will strive to provide every franchisee with a stage for full realization of self-worth and space for sustainable development.

Talent policy: Changjiang pharmaceutical always pays attention to the harmonious development of enterprises and talents, pursues the concept of "common development of enterprises and employees", comprehensively implements the policy of "respecting human value, developing human potential and sublimating human spirit", and constantly establishes and improves the mechanism for common growth and development of enterprises and employees, so as to coordinate the growth of enterprise benefits and employee income.

Personnel training: provide a variety of training methods for all kinds of training needs of employees: 1. Three level safety education and training for new employees; 2. Pre job training; 3. Operation skills training. Through training, we can comprehensively improve the professional ability and quality of employees, improve their learning ability and expand their career development space.

Career development: the company improves and perfects the personnel career development channel. In order to improve the professional skills of employees, the company formulates dual channels of career development to promote the continuous improvement of employees in learning and practice, and further promotes the career development of employees.

Salary system: Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. provides five kinds of basic insurance for all employees, including endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance. Changjiang pharmaceutical has a perfect internal post rank system, establishes a comprehensive market-oriented salary system, and forms a salary management mode with internal consistency.

Team building

Team building

Overall scale

The company has about 300 employees

Gender structure

36% of the company's male employees

Female employees accounted for 64%




Educational structure

1% of Graduate Education

Bachelor's degree is 13%

Junior college degree is 23%

63% for senior high school and below

Join us

Join us

  • R & D Specialist

    Position: R & D Specialist

    Quantity: 2

    Major: Pharmacy, pharmacology, traditional Chinese medicine, etc

    Education background: undergraduate and postgraduate

    Requirements: participate in new product technology research, assist and support the smooth development of R & D projects

  • Pharmaceutical sales

    Position: pharmaceutical sales

    Quantity: several names

    Major: Pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical preparations, etc

    Education: junior college or above

    Requirements: 1. Be responsible for the drug sales in the area under his management; 2. Visit customers regularly.