Dear friends, respected customers, thank you for your favor to our Changjiang pharmaceutical. If you want to invest, if you want to cooperate, if you want to visit the factory, please contact us according to the following ways, we will try to give you a reply as soon as possible.

If you want to visit the factory, you can take a plane to Shanghai or Nanjing airport. Please let us know the flight after the ticket is reserved. We can send someone to meet you at the airport. It's more than five hours' drive from Wuhu to Shanghai, two hours' drive to Nanjing, and a direct high-speed rail from Wuhu to Hefei, which takes more than 50 minutes. Have a nice trip!

Distance: Shanghai Wuhu, 5 hours drive. Nanjing Wuhu, 2 hours drive.

Distance: Hefei Wuhu 50 minutes drive

Anhui Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Address: No.152, Changjiang South Road, high tech Development Zone, Yijiang District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province postcode: 241000 Tel: 0553-2245066 (domestic sales department) 0553-2245026 (foreign trade department) 0553-2245012 (General Department)

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