Company profile

Company profile

Anhui Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhu, Anhui Province, which is a beautiful and rich "giant port of the Yangtze River and the backbone of Anhui Province". Wuhu is located in the northwest of the Yangtze River Delta, with superior geographical position, adjacent to the river and offshore, connecting the East with the west, connecting the South with the north, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. Wuhu is also an important comprehensive transportation hub in China. Wuhu port, with the fifth largest port in the Yangtze River, is the larger foreign trade terminal in Anhui Province.

Time of establishment: December 2001

Registered address: No.152, Changjiang South Road, high tech Development Zone, Yijiang District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province

Tel: 0553-2245066 (domestic sales) 0553-2245055 (export sales)

Business Scope: Licensed Items: Pharmaceutical Production: Drug Entrusted Production: Class II Medical Device Production (Items subject to approval in accordance with the law can only carry out business activities after being approved by the relevant departments. The specific business projects are subject to the approval documents or licenses of the relevant departments. )
General Items: Technology Import and Export: Goods Import and Export: Technical Services, Technology Development, Technology Consulting, Technology Exchange, Technology Transfer, Technology Promotion: Medical Research and Experimental Development: Engineering and Technology Research and Experimental Development (except for licensing business, which can be independently To operate projects that are not prohibited or restricted by laws and regulations)

Registered capital: 70 million yuan

The company covers an area of about 47000 square meters, of which the factory building area is about 30000 square meters, equipped with various advanced instruments and equipment. At present, there are about 300 employees, among which the professional and technical personnel account for about 30%. All of them are graduates of pharmacy, chemistry, biology and other related majors.

The company's product line is mainly injection and oral solid preparation, with more than 150 national approved batch numbers, and its "Changjiang" brand is a well-known brand in China.

At present, the company adheres to the principle of synchronous development of domestic and foreign trade. Through the efforts of all staff, it has developed into a modern high-tech enterprise integrating drug R & D, production and marketing.

The company is people-oriented, guided by high-tech, innovation as the soul, and pays attention to the introduction and cultivation of high-quality talents. At present, the company has reached a cooperation intention with many well-known medical colleges in China to carry out scientific research on the theme of new drug development and process improvement, so as to provide a comprehensive base for teaching, scientific research, practice and employment integration, and at the same time, improve the total number of employees of the company Physical and technical level and quality.